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The Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD) also call “Development Radio” is set up to underpin all kinds of Community Activities with NO discrimination on Nationality, Tribal, Cultural, Linguistic, Religion, Political, Social, Philosophical or Gender; thereby Giving a Voice to the Voiceless (rarely heard) who are Mostly Women and Children.

  • Dev Radeo presentation with Dr Ndonwie
  • Logo of Development Radio 1
  • DO of Tubah reading speach at radio launch
  • Traditional Notables at Radio Launch
  • Tubah DO in Studio during radio launch
  • Guest on Radio Launch
  • Dr and Bambui DO
  • Day to day anchor at Dev Radio studeo
  • CRRD staff druming with some Bafut key dance group leaders
  • CRRD Staff at launching 1b

Legal Promoter

The Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children (PAORP-VWC) which is a legally registered Charity in Cameroon and Ghana is the sole Legal Promoter of the Cummunity Radio for Rural Development (CRRD).

Legal Authorisation Number

The Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD) also call Development Radio is legally licensed with Authorization No.3370/MINCOM/CAB/DIC of 1st November 2016 by Cameroon Ministry of Communication.

Funding Partner

World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) Canada.

Radio Signal Station

Bamenda III & Tubah Sub Divisions Cameroon .

Our Mission Statement


The Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD-Cameroon) is set up to underpin all kinds of Community activity thereby giving a voice to the voiceless (rarely heard) who are mostly women and children. The radio is meant to reinforce identity and build a sense of place for our community members; hence acts as vital source of information to local people on socio-economic and political development of their communities. 

Arts & Culture

CRRD Promotes the enhancement of Arts and Culture. We provide free weekly radio time slots to local communities to speak out on topical issues and announcements relevant for their socio-cultural community life…

Sport Events

The Development Radio sponsors and covers sporting events for women and children competitions. Our sport reporters are always ready to come and cover your sporting events on short notice. We can help with sound systems…

Technology & Innovation

In collaboration with its key New Digital ICT partners, CRRD is sponsoring and promoting Women Entrepreneurs to excel in ICT and Technology Innovation.

‘’Get-up Stand-up and Speak-Radio for wider SRHR Awareness and Social Change Advocacy’’


A Bi-weekly LIVE RADIO Program on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR)

Every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30 – 11:30 AM


Only on


Community Radio for Rural Development (CRRD)


SRHR Amplify change logo

Project Goals • Increased ‘’Meaningful youth engagement’ to ensure that policies and programs on SRHR and other health interventions are responsive to the needs of young people. • Increased engagement amongst service providers to actively support SRHR for all populations, including vulnerable and marginalised persons.

* SRHR Project funded by AmplifyChange

Our Working principles and Activities

The Development Radio (CRRD)  is very happy to Welcome individuals, mayors, officials, municipal councilors, chiefs, social groups, cultural groups, farmers, students, socially positive student clubs, leaders of development associations, and common initiative groups and corporate institutions to its studios for live program presentations and recording which fall within Community Development and Advancement of Women and Children or there to.

We will also be happy to come and cover your relevant events on short notice.

The Development Radio (CRRD)  may NOT cover political events which do not have any positive impact on the Advancement of Development and Livelihood of Women and Children.

The Development Radio (CRRD)  DO NOT promote or cover events which would or likely to cause social, cultural, tribal and or political upheavals, gender discrimination, war or social insurrection and related.

The Development Radio (CRRD)  also wish to caution the public that the Opinion, political, social, religion, philosophical, academic, tribal, nationality, gender of people who are relatives of staff, program presenters, participants, beneficiaries of the Development Radio or related activities; before, during or after live programs, DO NOT represent the Development Radio (CRRD) and are NOT her responsibility, liability or vicarious liability as we do NOT control their freedom of thought, speech and belief or citizenship and they do not represent the Development Radio (CRRD) nor its related organizations.

Therefore, all presenters, participants, their relatives, and communities are here by cautioned by the Development Radio (CRRD) to take responsibility before saying or presenting out statements which may not be socially, politically or legally acceptable in Cameroon and or its relevant states as doing so would be at their own risk.